Mount Vesuvius
Mount Vesuvius - Naples

Pompeii - Herculaneum - Mount Vesuvius

We leave for the ancient of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Mount Vesuvius.

Pompeii are an extraordinary testimony of the ancient world thanks to the Roman city state of conservation, practically intact after the eruption that struck in 79. C. erasing it from the Vesuvian landscape. From the middle of the '700 excavations, wanted by the Bourbons and carried out for over a century, have brought to light the city, giving us a complete picture of daily life in Roman times. The path winds through the streets, as a way of Abundance the most important, on which overlooked the houses and the most famous shops of the city, including public monuments such as the amphitheater and the theater and through the buildings that still stand , with their magnitude, on the hole. The visit to the private houses that retain a luxurious look with elegant frescoes and marble decorations, offers an overview of the Roman habits and taste of the owners. Thanks to the cast technique gardens were also reconstructed with ancient essences.

Herculaneum, the younger sister of Pompeii, is a destination for lovers of beauty. Visitors to the ancient city have the rare opportunity to see perfectly intact patrician villas. A conservation miracle in which even the wood and the strings of the 2000 year old city are on display, along with stunning brick work, mosaics and frescoes. The detail with which Herculaneum has been preserved is remarkable considering the volcanic eruption of violence that devastated the city.

Vesuvius is certainly the most important and most interesting existing volcano in Europe. Famous for having buried, but also preserved for us, the two most famous archaeological sites (Pompeii and Herculaneum) owes its importance to its imposing size to be the largest in continental Europe (not mentioning Etna in Sicily) with a maximum height 1281 meters and the diameter of the upper cone (600 mt), over the centuries there have been many eruptions, but not catastrophically, like that of 79 AD the last eruption was in March 1944 during the second World war. After which the volcano has stopped smoking from its summit.

You can also order in advance, a lunch stop at Cantine de Vesuvio.

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Duration: 8-9 hours

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